Ryan Owner/Builder

Added: Nov 2004
Ryan Homes selects Martin Electrical Contracting for Owner Builder Program.

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New, Cool Products

Added: Sept. 2005
The Talking Alarm by Kidde is a combination carbon monoxide & smoke voice alarm...

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Cool Products


The Talking Alarm by Kidde is a combination carbon monoxide & smoke alarm that provides two important safety devices in a single unit. This alarm includes a voice warning system that announces Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Low Battery or Smart Hush TM Activation. The voice alarm eliminates any confusion and clearly warns you and your family of a smoke or carbon monoxide danger, or if your battery is in need of replacement. This technically advanced combination alarm includes 9V battery backup providing protection even during a power outage when many incidences occur.

Product Gallery

Leviton’s new Out-of-Sight PowerJack™ is a unique 4-wire telephone jack providing a low-voltage power supply that installs behind cordless wall phones, answering machines and combination units. No more unsightly dangling cords and bulky transformers to interfere with décor.

The next generation of Pass & Seymour intercoms: At last there's a home intercom system that offers the functionality and style to meet the needs of today's homeowners. This advanced system provides whole house Hands-Free Intercom communication plus such added capabilities as baby monitoring and door security.

Window Candles: The low voltage decorating system that's safe, beautiful and easily customized to match any room décor. Best of all, window candles have no ugly cords. They are wired directly into your window sill.
Retail Rods are stylish, UL-Listed illuminated rods that help you turn any merchandise area into a customer-friendly, attractive shopping experience. Ardee Lighting's Retail Rods come in multiple lengths (standard from 12 to 60 inches and custom lengths up to 12 feet), can be installed in various configurations (such as, wall or surface mounting) and are available with color enhancing xenon lamps. Panasonic's Advanced Hybrid Telephone Systems, provide power, flexibility and expansion capabilities. Hybrid systems work with standard telephone lines (so you never need to upgrade your phone service when your needs increase) to provide flexible communications -- at home and beyond. Panasonic's super quiet Whisper fans are ceiling-mounted fans with features like lights, night lights, and heaters. All Whisper fans are designed to keep the noise down. In fact, they're so quiet, you might not even know they're on.
Aladdin's Light Lift is a motorized lift system for your chandelier. Now, the beauty of your chandelier can be easily maintained as cleaning and changing of bulbs can be done by anyone...anytime. SDangerous ladders and expensive cleaning services are things of the past as chandeliers are quickly and safely lowered within easy reach from the floor.    







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