Ryan Owner/Builder

Added: Nov 2004
Ryan Homes selects Martin Electrical Contracting for Owner Builder Program.

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New, Cool Products

Added: August 2005
Automatically lower your chandelier for easy cleaning & bulb changing.

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It's well known that the electrical contractor is a staple of the construction industry. At Martin Electrical Contracting, we take this a step further. We make it a point to invest our time in the research and training that are required to maintain and expand our expertise in the constantly-changing work of electrical home technologies.

In addition, whether we're simply installing standard wiring in your new home or combining standard wiring with a cutting-edge home technology system, we eliminate hidden costs. If you choose Martin Electrical Contracting, you won't discover (at the last minute) that you're going to have to hire an electrician to connect all of the wires someone else has installed.

Quick quiz, multiple-choice:

When you investigate the implementation of a wide variety of home technologies, how many companies do you want to contact, consult with, give approval to, coordinate with, pay money to, and follow up with?

A. Several -- an electrical contractor, an audio/stereo consultant, a home theater consultant, a lighting designer, a security expert, a home systems integrator, a computer networking guy, and your brother-in-law.

B. Just one -- Martin Electrical Contracting.

C. None -- I think I've changed my mind about building a home.

The right answer:

B. Just one.

Extra credit if you can remember the name of the company to consult







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